Check out these FAQs to see if your idea can come to life! 

What kinds of commissions can I ask for? 

Anything food related. As Melan always says: "if it's edible, it's doable".

Melan only paints food, so she does not do:

No, she will not paint pictures of your dog. Unless its a hotdog.

What is the average cost/size of a commission? 

Melan is a large-scale painter - the bigger the better. Most of her works are around 36 x 48 inches, letting her get into the detail of every delicious morsel. Commissions start at $500, but a typical price for a signature large-scale piece is $2000. 

Pricing varies depending on size, composition, and complexity of the subject. The smallest Melan paints is 18x24''. 

What's the commission process like? 

When Melan does your commission, she is halting all of her other work to work on your painting for a whole month. Here's the process: 

Consultation:  The process starts with a 30 minute phone call to go over composition, general vibe, color, size and anything else you want Melan to know going into this piece.  If you choose to go forward, Melan asks for a non-refundable deposit of 50% upfront. 

Please have all references, photos, measurements, and color preferences picked out prior to the consultation. This is imperative to the process so we can be on the same page for our meeting. 

Composition:  If possible, Melan will do a photo shoot in her studio with the food to find that perfect glamor shot and preview the composition of the painting. If the food/ composition is a little more complex (ie: a falling ice cream cone)  she'll do a mock-up on Canva.  She'll send you 5 of the best options so you can choose the arrangement that speaks to you. 

Once you approve the composition, the composition is final - no add-ons!  

Underpainting: The painting begins! "Underpainting" is the first layer of paint, done in a single color like sepia or brown. This base gives the final piece a richness and cohesion that can't be achieved by beginning with a full palette. Think of it like a black and white photo of your piece before it gets colorized. Usually, clients don't see underpaintings as there isn't room for feedback, but you'll get a sneak peek so you can see your painting as it begins to come to life. Learn more about underpainting here.

Last Looks: So close! When Melan is 95% done, she'll send you a picture of your painting. This gives you an opportunity to give any final feedback on details like crumbs, sauce smears, or color adjustments. With your final feedback in hand, Melan will finish, sign, and varnish your piece.

Please note that more than one round of feedback may incur additional charges.

Photo Studio:  Once the work is complete, Melan will get your work professionally photographed for her archives. This will take a few days. The photo will be put on her site, socials, and beyond.

Delivery/Pickup/Shipping: It's time to get it over to you! If you are in the Bay Area, we can arrange for pick up at Melan's studio in Oakland or delivery. If you are not in the Bay Area, we can discuss shipping and shipping insurance at an additional cost. 

I'd like to gift a commission for a friend. Can I do that? 

Of course! Melan has done commissions as wedding gifts, anniversary presents, and housewarmings. Everyone deserves to have their edible dreams come true! 

I've read all the FAQs and I'm ready. How do I reach out about a commission? 

Please fill out this form and Melan will be in contact with you!